The Gardener’s Rake Weekly tip: October 20, 2008

The Gardener’s Rake tip for the week is preparing your garden for winter. Kenrokuen bridge
Creative Commons License photo credit: MShades

At the end of the gardening season, and in NW Pa we have reached this time of the year, where it’s wise to prepare your garden for winter.

You can walk away from the garden without preparing it for winter and the spring season but preparing it now will improve your soil and it’s almost ready to plant in the spring.

  • Remove all dead plants and debris.
  • If possible till the garden or turn the soil.
  • Add any nutrients like leaves, compost, or manure. Turn the soil again.
  • I cover the soil with straw, leaves or compost to protect the soil from the cold and to control weeds.
  • In the spring I remove it and plant my early peas and onions. In the rest of the garden I will work it into the ground.

By cleaning and preparing the garden you are ready to plant earlier, you have removed any diseased plants and places for bugs to hide and your garden is ready to use.

It makes gardening in the spring easier and healthier for your plants. It also makes starting the spring garden easier

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