The Practical Garden Sink Garden- Creative Gardening

This garden is more than just a pretty garden; it serves a purpose.  

If you have a old sink by your garden you can have easy access to water for your garden, rinse you flower pots, clean your hands and most important rinse you vegetables before they enter the kitchen. It saves on hauling in dirt and bugs into your house. 

Old sinks are fairly easy to find. I recently picked up a two-sided metal sink for a dollar at and auction. You can usually find the old porcelain sinks for free along curbsides and at the dump. 

Garden sinks look great in a garden as a centerpiece or by a garden potting shed.  I would not be without an outdoor garden sink. I actually have two. The most important thing is to make sure your sink is secure.

My one sink has its own sink base that looks rustic and the other is on a post that is set into the ground.  It’s easy to hook water up to your sink with a water hose. For my one sink it’s close to the potting shed so the water hose is not noticeable. The other garden sink is now a permanent fixture in the one garden so I ran a pipe under the ground and put a water hose through that. If your sink is seasonal just run a water hose to the sink and attach it.  

To make the sink look more attractive I plant water-loving plants by the base. Quite often there are a few scarlet runner beans planted nearby that twine up the sink. Watering can and a bucket just add to the look and you have your tools nearby without the garden looking messy. 

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