The Properly Dressed Garden – Organic Pest Control Tip

I love growing cabbage; cauliflower and broccoli but the bugs that like these plants drive me crazy!

I found a simple solution and it entertains the neighbors at the same time!

I hit the 50-cent bag sales in the spring and look for pantyhose. (These also make great ties for attaching plants to garden stakes) When the plants are small just put a leg of the pantyhose over the young plants. The cabbage moths cannot lay eggs on the hose and they will give off and head to the neighbors yard.

You will have no bugs on the Broccoli, Cabbage or Cauliflower. It will also deter a pesky rabbit if it decides to head into the garden.

With the panty hose being thin, it permits the sun to get through. I have seen no change in growing habits. And the water still penetrates the hose and the plants appear to be healthy and have good crops,

It also works great for keeping the leaves up around the cauliflower so that it blanches without extra work. The hassle of blanching cauliflower causes many gardeners to consider this plant too much work in the garden.

I joke with my neighbors about color coordinating the pantyhose with garden stakes and garden art.  They always consider my gardens to be unique and unpredictable.

I have used panty hose in the gardens for years now. I would be lost without them.


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  1. sara

    What great ideas. I can’t wait to read more of your posts! I will definately be trying this next spring, Sara

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