The Rose and its meaning.

The rose is a favorite of many gardeners and has a rich history, both in plant culture and garden lore. Varieties include rose bushes, vines, and indoor miniature rose plants.

The rose is perhaps the most commonly known romantic flower. Its ability to be used as a cut flower and last for a week or more also adds to it being used in floral shops and cutting garden businesses.

But did you know roses are also edible? According to Linda Stradley, author of “I’ll Have What They’re Having — Legendary Local Cuisine,” their flavor is reminiscent of strawberries and green apples, and the darker the color, the stronger the flavor.

The rose hip, or seed bud has also been used for centuries for tea and healing purposes. And as for crafting, the rose has many uses, from potpourri to beads.

For growing purposes and for those with a cutting garden the rose is often grown for its meaning.
·    Red: Love, beauty, romantic love, I love you, courage passion
·    Yellow: Joy, happiness, friendship, a new beginning, remember me
·    White: Purity, innocence, humility, youthfulness, sincerity, unity
·    Pink: Elegance, gracefulness, appreciation, thank you
·    Peach: Desire, anticipation, optimism toward the future, closing the deal, let’s get together
·    Coral: Desire
·    Orange: Enthusiasm, desire

Because of its many uses, colors and practicality, the rose will continue to be one of the most popular flowers.

And if you haven’t tried the small indoor rose plants, they are wonderful. I like to mix them in with other potted plants for a rich full feel of an outdoor garden.

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