The Successful Indoor Garden

Spring is slowly arriving here in NW Pennsylvania. The snow is melted and today was actually in the 50’s but it was overcast and a bit dreary. I spent some time cleaning the yard of broken branches. I also looked the perennial storing bed over and decided I would split the perennial ground cover plants in a week or two.

With the cold and rain I decided today would be an indoor day.  My goals for today were clean my indoor plants and get them ready for spring. I also sorted through some of more unusual seeds and pulled them aside to start.

While looking online today I found this you tube on an indoor vegetable garden. Between the color and the music I found it relaxing and put me in the mood to get serious in my greenhouse. I must admit my indoor garden is not this nice, but its incentive to make it so.

I like the use of the windows, window lights and containers. She has very nice small vegetable mini containers growing that mix color and texture. It just proves gardening does not have to be dull or boring.

The window boxes also worked well and the mix of flowers and herbs worked well. I would like my indoor garden to look this nice. Maybe with the addition of the sunroom I plan to have up for next year it will.

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