The Ten most popular Homegrown Vegetables

The 10 most popular homegrown vegetables in the USA and Canada are listed below in the order of their popularity.

The tomato tops the list as the most popular vegetable but it is technically a fruit!

Both heirloom tomatoes and new varities of tomatoes are popular along with the cherry tomatoes, which are primarily used in salads.

  1. Tomatoes (once considered evil and poisonous by many people)
  2. Peppers (hot peppers con be used to aid in colds and cayenne pepper can help heal a deep cut)
  3. Cucumbers (the inside of a cucumber can be up to twenty degrees cooler than the outside temperature. This is where the saying cool as a cumber came from)
  4. Onions (used as a cold remedy and they are said to help cure many ailments)
  5. Beans (Snap beans grow in both green and yellow varieties. There is a purple wax bean that turns green when it is cooked)
  6. Lettuce (Americans consume about 30 lbs. of lettuce each, per year)
  7. Carrots (English women in the 1600’s often wore carrot leaves in their hats in place of flowers or feathers)
  8. Sweet Corn (Corn is the most widely grown crop in America but only 10% is used at the dinner table)
  9. Radishes (radishes were originally grown for their size and could be as large as 50 to 100 pounds each)
  10. Cabbage. (Babe Ruth uses a cabbage leaf under his ball cap to keep cool. He changed it every two innings)

Tomatoes are grown in over 85% of all gardens and Cabbage is grown in 30% of all gardens.

The potato is not on the list for being grown in US and Canadian gardens but is the most popular vegetable used in United States. Head lettuce is the second most popular followed by onions.

Garden lore and odd facts of vegetables add fun and create stories to tell while gardening.

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