The value of Window Box Gardens

If your looking for a change or more color in your yard add a few window boxes. And even though it’s late in the growing season you will still be able to find a few varieties of plants. windows-with-flower-boxes
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Herbs in flower boxes.

Herb plants are always available in garden centers. With their different floral color and textures herbs will make great garden boxes, plus they will add to your culinary cooking selection. Add a few flowers, ceramic pieces or a vegetable or two and you will have a one of a kind window box. Basil, chives, mint and thyme are all good herbs for your window box.

Best Flower Options for Window Boxes

Begonias, geraniums, marigolds, petunias and pansies are a few of the most popular window box flowers. I like the look of spikes for height and hanging vine or two to create a flow and break the window box feel. When using season flowers, they will need to be replaced in late fall and winter with fall flowers such as mums or greenery.

Examples of successful greenery would be green hydrangea, bittersweet and certain ivy.

When selecting flowers you want plants that will stay fairly small, so that they will not outgrow the space. You will also be selecting plants for an abundance of color and long lasting blooms. Or you may decide to go with one or two colors.

Yellow and white flowers are the trendy colors for the 2009 garden season. Ask at your garden center for plants that stay small and keep their blossoms longer.

One other consideration when selecting flowers is low maintenance. Pick a few plants that have beautiful foliage and will stand out on its own. By doing this, even if you other flowers are in between blossoms you will still have vibrant color in your window box.

Window boxes will add  beauty and color to your backyard landscape . It’s a simple way to have a mini garden and the opportunity to switch you backyard look on a monthly or seasonal basis.

Many of these plants and flowers will grow well indoors and will add more color to your home in the winter season. Just place your window bow, indoors, in a window that receives 6 to 8 hours of light a day.

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