Theme Gardens

Theme gardens add instant interest and the opportunity to change your garden areas quickly. They work for making seasonal changes in your yard and are amazing in small space garden areas. Some theme gardens serve a functional purpose like a crafting garden, soap garden or tea garden. Others are more seasonal: Fall Harvest Garden, Patriotic Garden or a Three Sisters Garden.  Concrete Cactus Containers
Creative Commons License photo credit: kretyen

Theme gardens are also influenced by their location. Is it a free flowing garden with shrubs and trees? Or a container garden layered in height and influenced by the pots and containers used for the plants? If you have a sprawling yard you may have several gardens or make a maze garden or Labyrinth garden area. For those areas under trees, a shade garden is the perfect solution

Families can also influence these gardens: their needs and time they can spend in a garden area, pets, or heritage. Zen gardens are beautiful and take more time to set up but less time to maintain. A spiral herb garden is beautiful, practical and relaxing. The spiral garden also offers use of the herbs for health, kitchen use or crafting. And don’t forget the family pet by creating a doggie play garden. Hillside garden
Creative Commons License photo credit: Allan Ferguson

Apartment and city gardeners may set up a rooftop garden, patio garden or use the windowsills in their home for growing. A Teacup Windowsill garden is whimsical and will provide herbs for cooking and teas. Or create the perfect mini indoor theme garden: the terrarium.

And last but not least is the use on containers and pots for small instant theme gardens. Container gardening lends itself to mini them gardens easily. Containers can also be added to other gardens to change the look instantly.

To change the look of a theme garden quickly add garden art, different garden furniture or rockery work. Theme garden changes can relate to plants only. This is where container plants, hanging baskets, window planters add instant beauty.  Your ideas for theme gardens are limited only by your imagination

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4 responses to “Theme Gardens”

  1. brandon

    Nice article it was a good read. These tips help in times like this. Any little bit to save your family some money helps. I found another interesting article which also shows some ways to save money right now. Check it out, I hope it helps.

  2. Greenfingers

    I also themed my garden with dry plants last year. And it’s really cost efficient since it is less upkeep. I’m now trying to theme up my garden with Bonsai’s and a Koi Pond perhaps. Luckily I’m located in a tropical country so weather isn’t much a problem for me. Anyways, thanks for sharing and God Bless! Happy Planting!

    Greenfingers’s last blog post..Phalaenopsis Tips

  3. Denise

    Dry plants are great! I have an area in the front yard that the sun beats down on all day. I used to struggle with watering it and making it look nice until I decided to use drought resistant plants and use more ground cover.

    Bonsai plants are great! I have several.

    I am also adding a koi pond to the front yard this year. I have an area I am resigning as a secret garden area and this will make it perfect. Check out my backyard oasis site for pond information.

  4. I love spending time working on my outdoor garden. You presented a ton of great ideas for me to work off of.

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