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Many people would ask, why walk a Labyrinth? Labyrinth @ Garfield Conservatory
Creative Commons License photo credit: Zesmerelda

I would answer because it’s fun and relaxing. It’s always different and depending which labyrinth you walk its very scenic.

Most Labyrinths are located outdoors but many are inside. Quite a few are located in churches. The history of labyrinths goes far back and is amazing and rather mystical.

How do you walk a Labyrinth?

A Labyrinth is very easy to walk. There is only one opening and you will return and exit at the same spot. This is rather amazing when several people are walking the path at one time. You are all going the same way but because the path runs back onto itself you look like you are going different directions.

Its best to just clear your mind and let your thoughts go where they want. Sometimes you will surprise yourself with what feelings you have during the walk.

Some people suggest walking with your hands in an upward position like you are holding or receiving something until you get to the center of the circle. At the center it is a time to reflect. You can stay there as long as you wish. As you leave the center and follow the path to the beginning its suggested that your hands be down at your side as if you are letting go of all your cares that came in with.

I also has a friend that would pick up a small rock by the beginning of the path and leave it in the center. This was leaving her problems and worries behind.

I walked a temporary Labyrinth in Mississippi last fall and it was the most relaxing and beautiful experience. It was set up like most labyrinths using one of several paths. This was the Circle of Peace design. What made this different is that the paths can be marked in many ways but this path was marked with flowers on both sides of the path. A beautiful winding flower garden.

Outside of the circle were several sculptures and benches to relax. Being an avid gardener a garden theme that used this Circle of peace design made my mind spin with garden ideas.

I have a  funny feeling that there may be a Labrinth garden in my gardens next year.

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