Theme Gardens – Sunflower House

Theme gardens are always fun and the ideas are endless. They can also be all sizes and even indoors.

One of my favorite theme gardens is a Sunflower House. It’s colorful, gets a lot of attention and comments and best of all I love sunflowers.

My first sunflower house was about 12 foot by 12 foot. I made it big enough that you could sit inside if you wanted. I placed a small bench in the center that I found in an old barn. It had such character!

I planted about seven differerent varieties of sunflowers in all sizes. On the outside row of the house I planted Teddy Bear Sunflowers and Dwarf Sunflowers. In the second row I planted a variety of taller sunflowers.

One the corners I planted sunflowers that grow 15 foot tall. They are a Virginia sunflower seed that has been handed down from generation to generation. I call them Grandfather Sunflowers. I do not know their real name but I have never seen them in seed catalogs.

Every four foot or so I plants several ornamental gourds seeds. I thought the gourds would look nice. On the corners I planted Scarlet Runner Beans, my favorite vine!

I also planted several Rattail Radishes for color and as a natural repellant for the Cucumber Beetle.

I finally added a few geraniums and marigolds. By the entrance I created my own archway usung grapevine I cut from the property.  It just added and fun look to the whole garden. I also added a smaller watering can for decoration and to use and a few old narled root pieces for fun.

The Sunflower Garden was a success. The only thing that I didn’t realize would happen is that the bees really enjoyed it too. So I used it in the mornings and evenings and left it to the bees in the afternoons.

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