Three Garden Trends for 2010

Each year there are trends in gardening. Sometimes the changes are small other times watch out, it’s a totally new look for the garden and yard. The trend this year is more towards the environment.

Here are three  garden trends for 2010

1.  Main Street is in. Wall Street is out.

There’s a shift of priorities between balancing practicality with comfort and fulfillment. You will see more interaction in neighborhoods with a shift back to enjoying the backyard and turning back to gardening for produce, not just gardening for a pretty yard.

For those with limited space or time there is a move towards sharing resources, skills, space, tools and time. Mini community gardens or permission of turning a vacant lot into a street garden lot is popping up in many states.  The slogans “go local” and growing your own produce is bringing neighborhoods together.

This is a smaller more relaxed version of victory gardens form the WW1 and WW11 era.

2.  Mindful is in. Bling is out.

There is a feeling in many towns of giving, creating and collaborating. With the rocky economy and job loss across the nation sharing a passion and receiving recognition has replaced “taking” as the new status symbol.

Volunteering and a shift from “me” to “we” are showing in the choice for gardens and low maintenance shrubs and plants in the yard. There is a shift towards natural plants and drought resistant plants to reduce water usage.

There is also a demand for products made from recycled materials. Environmental issues and reusing materials to save money and waste will affect garden décor and landscaping.

According to the National Marketing Institute, four out of five people say they’re still buying green products and services today, which sometimes cost more, even in the midst of a U.S. recession. More than two-thirds say they will select green over traditional “if it works.”

3.  Eco-boosting is in.

Chemical dependent gardens are out. There is a movement towards organic pest control and naturalizing plants, which do not suffer as much from insect and disease problems. Naturalizing plants are replacing the more finicky shrubs and trees in many backyards and gardens.

Many of this years garden trends are based on preservation of the environment and a more relaxed, less expensive lifestyle.

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