Time to sort clean and create with your garden tools

Its garden tool time! Time to sort through tools, make sure they are clean and decide what to do with extra tools.

You only need a few tools but garden tools seem to build up and before long you have too many. At least that happens to me.

So, this weekend I spent time sorting tools, making sure they were clean and hanging them up.

And yes, I had extra tools. Confession time – it was more than a few. I just can’t turn down tools at sales, especially if they are free or only 50 cents. So I looked at the extras and sorted those. A few will head to the flea market but most will have new uses.

I need a few tool handles replaces on my favorite tools so I chose tools with better handles to replace my old handles. And I will save the tool part for other uses.

A few tools will be used for garden art. They will be made into garden tool animals and tools picket fences for growing vines on. Both the animals and picket feces are perfect for almost any yard.

I will also be offering a few garden classes, one up at the Chautauqua Institution, and I will show how to make the garden tool fence there.

There’s always a use for an unused or unwanted garden tool. And this is the time to check your tools for the upcoming season.

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