Tips for a Easy and beautiful Flower Gardens

With a few simple techniques your flower garden will be healthy and beautiful. And with all gardens keeping your garden as simple as possible so that you will enjoy its beauty is the most important step to take. Yellow Dahlia and Bud
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Steps for a successful flower garden

Your flower garden area must have an adequate fertile soil, sunlight, and water. If you lack any of these three important elements, your garden will not thrive. So when planning your garden select an area for the garden or containers that receive eight hours of sunlight and add fertilizer to your soil when planting. I also set up my garden near a water source or add a rain barrel near the garden are for easy watering.

Mix and Match your Flower Garden

Perennial flowers and annual flowers compliment each other. Perennials add the lush background to emphasis bright annual flowers and take less work. But annuals add vibrant color all summer long and fill in any holes in a garden area.

I also like to add a few vegetables to my flower garden area. It adds color and interest with vegetables maturing alongside the flowers. And many vegetables have stunning color and textures.

Deadhead your flowers

Deadheading is such a strange name for removing the old wilting flower head. But this simple step makes a flower produce more flowers plus it tidies up the garden area, which will cut down on insects. Just snip the old flower head off. Sometimes I use scissors to remove the old blossom. Ever Lasting Flower
Creative Commons License photo credit: kabils

The last step in deadheading to remove the old flower from the garden area and dispose of in a compost bin or the garbage.

All insects are not evil

Butterflies, beetles and bees are pollinators. 80% of flowering plants rely on insects for pollination and survival. If you are not sure which insects are good or bad you can check online or get an insect book.

If you need an insect control for bad bugs, try natural insect control. It will not harm good bugs.

Insects like dragonflies and lacewings are natural predators of those insects that do the real damage, like aphids.

Birds will also control insects in your flower garden.

And last but not least, prune any dead stems and branches off your flower plants. Sickly branches do not add to the beauty of any garden and they will also harbor bad insects and plant disease.

A flower garden will add color and relaxation to a backyard or patio area and doesn’t require much room if planned properly. So add a flower garden and enjoy the color and fresh bouquets that you can collect for your home.

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  1. I always seem to fall behind in deheading as the season progresses- maybe this will be the year to get in the habit!

    Tessa at Blunders with shoots, blossoms ‘n roots’s last blog post..Monday Seedling Update

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