Tips for a successful herb garden

Herb gardens are one of the easier gardens to take care of and often recommended for the first time gardener who wants to learn how to garden. What makes herb gardening easy is that most herbs almost take care of themselves.  But as with all gardening there are a few tips that will lead to a better garden.

Planting Herbs

If you plant late in the day, the hot sun will not stress your newly transplanted young plants. It may not seem like a big deal but when a plant wilts it set back it’s growing and add stress to the plant.  And if you have an overcast day this is a good time to plant your new herbs. They will have one day to adjust to their new home without hot sun.

I few times I have had to plant during the day. When this happens I create a cover, like a tent to put over the plants and block them from direct light. I also make sure they are watered very well.

Read the herb plants needs and planting instructions. I start a few herbs from seed but most herbs that I grow are bought as plants.

After your plants are established, this is usually after one month or more, you can cut back on the amount of water you give them. Many herbs are very tough plants that are used to growing in poor soil or along roadsides so you will discover most herbs are drought tolerant and prefer drier conditions.

Herbs grow well in containers, hanging baskets and in small gardens that can be tucked into otherwise unused areas in your yard. Ideal unused areas are by a garage, unused corner of a yard, fence lines and hillsides.

I also like to mix herbs in my regular garden and flower gardens.

Know you herbs. Do research before you buy. For example, mint is a wonderful herb but it spreads! So I only grow mint in containers or hanging baskets.

Herb use

There are several uses for herbs. Culinary and craft uses are the best known.

One other use is medicinal, which is an interesting and a science of its own. Please note that plant medicine is serious medicine. Be sure to do your homework and make certain that you know what you’re taking and why you’re taking it. If you decide to try any herbal medicine it’s highly recommended that you work with and expert and take classes in the medicinal herb field.

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