Tips for picking fresh flowers

At this time of year when flowers are at their peak, creating flower arrangements and bouquets add fun to the home and gardening.

Here are a few tips for picking flowers.

1.  Pick you flowers in the morning. If you pick the flowers during the afternoon the more delicate flower may start to wilt just from heat and plant shock.

2.  I often bring a wet towel or even water to place the flower into immediately. If you use a flower basket to place the flowers in make sure that the weight of any flower does not crush another flower.

3.  Get a few sprays of green leaves or fern to go with your flowers. It just adds volume to the flowers and emphasizes the colors.

4.  Check each flower stem for insects. I will often spritz the flowers with a light dish soap (two drops of liquid dish soap to one quart of water) just to make sure there are no small insect or insect eggs anywhere on the flower or stem.

5.  When you get to the house check the cut on the flower stem. You want a clean cut and preferably a cut on an angle.

6.  Look around you yard. wild flowers and what many would consider weeds will make wonderful additions to your picked flowers. I like to add  “ditch lilies”, daisies and queens annes lace to many of my arrangements.

You can change the look of your arrangements by selecting one color, choosing vibrant colors or all pastels. The vase will also create new looks for arrangements.

Try something new with vases. You could use a small bucket, old milk bottle or any container that will hold water.

With the variety of flowers available it’s possible to have a fresh bouquet in the home every day. There is something about adding flowers to your home. It adds color, atmosphere and cheer to any room.

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