Tomato Blight information and tips

Tomatoes are one of gardener’s favorite crops to grow.  And unfortunately they tend to be one of the most difficult crops.

They need warm temperatures at night and even moisture. So if you have a “moody” summer, that means dry spells, wet spells and varying temperatures your tomatoes may suffer. Two ways that your tomatoes suffer are with more insect problems. These can be controlled if you watch the plants and remove insects and any ill plants as soon as possible. Another way is when tomato blight set in. Last year my area had tomato blight and it appears to be setting in one more time. We have had dry spells and changes in temps so I guess the tomatoes are suffering. The following you tubes may give you advice on how to combat tomato blight.

I have found that by growing tomatoes in a greenhouse I can control Blight. And with my temperamental growing season my tomato crop is more successful in production.

These you tubes offer many tips for healthy tomatoes. One point I don’t agree with is I still prefer heirloom tomatoes to hybrid tomato varieties.

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