Use Native Plants in your Garden and Yard

There are many stunning gardens that require much time and water. But if you’re looking for easier gardening and finding harmony between your yard and the environment, try landscaping with plants that are native to your area.

Native plants, which are suited to you climates water needs and temperatures, have a more natural look and usually require much less time to maintain.

Determine your plants’ water demands. In my zone 5 climate I have versatile watering needs, except for in the front yard where the sun beats down all day. I use drought resistant plants in this part of my garden areas. Plants that are native to your area adapt better and usually use less fertilizer.

Avoid invasive plants. Introducing non-native plants can have a dire effect on the local ecosystem. You can contact your local Extension Office for a list of invasive plants. They may look pretty but the damage they do to the environment takes year to correct and sometimes they cannot win the battle. Loosestrife and Kudzu are two such examples of dangerous invasive plants. Both overtake land and choke out native plants and clog waterways.

Bring back the trees. Trees were cleared to plant crops. They were also clear-cut to build suburb areas. Native trees serve a number of functions on property. Deciduous trees cool and warm your home. If you plant maple, birch or oak trees around your house and you’ll have shade from the summer heat. In the fall when they loose their leaves, the sun will shine through and help warm your home in the colder months. If evergreens are local for you, plant them in the path of the wind. They make excellent wind breaks in the winter.

Use native plants to restore your ecosystem. Local nurseries can help you select plants that will protect your soil from erosion and look good, and help feed birds, butterflies and squirrels.

Plants and trees are important to our environment and add such pleasure to our yards and by choosing the right plants you’ll have an attractive garden and yard. 

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