Using and caring for Herbs

Fall weather is setting into NW PA and my gardens are winding down. At this time of year I check on my herb crops and get them ready do the winter season.

Many plants are annuals and will be removed from the garden. But I like fresh herbs so I will either transplant the plant into a pot and bring indoors or start a new herb plant from seed.

I grow my tender perennials  in a window. Rosemary is a tender herb in my region. And my perennial herbs are cut down (the tops will be dried for later use) and the plants will be prepared for winter. I clear any weeds from my herb patch and will cover the garden area when frost threatens. That may be any day.

If you are planning a new herb garden for next year or moving herbs indoors for an herbal window garden this you tube may be a guide on which herbs to grow.

And here is a you tube on fresh or dried herbs. I prefer fresh, but the time of year can influence if you can purchase fresh herbs.

Herbs are always in my garden and home. I use them for cooking, crafting, medicinal uses and for creating cosmetics.

They are also beneficial in the garden for controlling pests. One of my favorites for pest control and a forgotten herb in this time is Borage.

Herbs also add beauty to the gardens and yard. And for the beginning gardener, herbs are very easy to grow.

So if you haven’t grown herbs you may want to give them a try.

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