Using Found objects for garden pots and containers.

I have always liked different pots and containers for gardening. There are times you need to stick with the regular garden mode of pots. One example is for seed starting and most cacti and bonsai plants.

Using recycled pots adds fun to the look of plants and the yard but it also cuts down on the plastic pot clutter in the dumps. I just read several billion tons of used garden and flowerpots are thrown away each year, so help out by recycling a found object.

I went to the auction last night and picked up a box of “junk” for one dollar. The box included:

  • four vintage pottery vases
  • one chrome metal bowl
  • one chrome metal round tray
  • three glass globes
  • a stretched Pepsi bottle from the 60’s and 70’s
  • three metal art pieces
  • two baskets
  • old metal pitcher

The vases I will use for cut or dried flowers from the gardens. One is in rather rough shape so I might mosaic that piece and use it for dried flowers.

The metal bowl I plant to drill one hole in the center and space four holes about an inch up from the bottom. I will also drill a hole into the metal tray and attach the bowl and tray together. The holes on the side will keep the water drained from the bowl. On the tray I will place pebbles. This will help keep humidity around the plants I put in this container.

It will also have a wooden platter underneath the metal pot it to protect whatever surface I set it on. Metal containers can leave a mark on certain surfaces.

I will line the baskets and plant in them. They will probably only last one year but the container will have a natural look.

The old metal pitcher is quite beat up but it will make a great planter. I will drill a drainage hole in the bottom and then plant flower in it. I think this would also look good with one vining vinca plant.

The other items will probably end up in a glass totem garden art piece. The stretched Pepsi bottle would make a nice single flower vase too or a totem or decorative birdbath stand.

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