Victory Garden Contest announces Grand prize winner

First prize in the Victory garden contest goes to Jennifer Lindell from Alberta, Canada. Jennifer has been a gardener for 3 years. Her love is cutting gardens and indoor plants but she also grows vegetables but said, “It’s not her area of expertise.”

She does plan on growing an original Victory Garden this spring. Many of the vegetables she will be growing for the first time. Good luck Jennifer!

Jennifer’s Victory garden tip:

Keep a gardening journal. You can record all your successes and problems. You can also record you garden growing plan so you know where you grew what crop in what location in the garden

Jennifer receives 20 packets of seeds for her garden, a 1944 Victory Garden pamphlet filled with gardening tips, garden recipes  and how to plant a Victory garden. The prize also includes a fold up garden carrier and garden gloves.

Gardening journals are very important to your yard and garden. They capture your successes and area you need to work in, your planting dates, crop rotations and so much more.

They also record the history of your property, weather and often times your family. Many people incorporate photos and even art work in their journals ant those captured moments of time bring back wonderful memories.

I would like to thank Sue Neitzel for judging the Victory garden contest. I met Sue through gardening and our interest in herbs and foraging for wild food and herbs. Sue lives in West Plains, Mo., and describes herself as a Web writer, Wife, Mother, Grandma, Gardener, Crafter, Friend to Mother Earth and a Woman of Faith. I describe her as a great friend and an inspiration.

Check out Sue’s blog:
And Etsy Store:

Also read Sues current article in Small Town Living                        Her article is all about theme gardens and on page 33.

Thanks again to all the people who entered the contest. Plant a Victory garden or A row for the poor this year. You also all get a copy of the winning garden tips. Watch you email! Denise

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