Victory Garden contest, Community Garden Contest – Thank you!

Thank you to all the people who participated in the Community Garden and Victory Garden contest! There were some really great entries, which will all be listed on The Gardener’s Rake in the next few weeks. So check daily for great gardening tips for your garden and yard.

Next week starting Monday there will be an entry posted from the Community Garden Contest from the garden history trivia. Winners will be announced on Monday for this contest.

My good friend and avid gardener Sue Neitzel is judging the Victory Garden Contest entries as I write this. The winners will be announced next week and it will take a few weeks to list all the gardening tips sent in.

Thanks again for participating. Denise, The Gardener’s Rake

Here are a few Garden History trivia pieces I found today:

  • Ramses III, an Egyptian Pharaoh, is credited with making the flowerpot popular around the year 1230BC. . He may have invented it but they are not 100 percent sure about that.
  • In 1619 the mathematician Salomon de Caus, made a movable wooden framed structure to shelter orange trees at Heidelberg Castle in Germany. This is considered to be the first greenhouse
  • Eggplant was once believed to cause fever, epilepsy and insanity. Sir John Mandeville, a fourteenth century traveler, circulated these stories on his adventures to all who would listen.

One final note: Sue Neitzel writes for Small Town living, an online magazine, Check out her latest article at in the February March issue. It’s entitled Theme Gardens and is on page 33. For those of you who read my blog regularly you know I have a passion for theme gardens. This is an excellent article!

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