Victory Garden Contest garden tips – Group Five

Here are six Victory Garden Contest gardening tips that were sent into the contest. These tips deal mostly with annuals and houseplants.

1. Annuals are great for apartment gardening. The apartment tenant won’t have to worry about bringing in all the plants when the weather gets cold. The rest of you apartment garden can be grown in containers, pots and hanging baskets. Vegetables also grow well in apartments. (Lisa Anne Sherry, Kansas)

2. Annuals are useful for a splash of one-season color. But since replacing them each year is expensive, concentrate them in just a few spots. I use them to fill in bare spots in my perennial patches. (Timothy Mark, Montana)

3. Geraniums, Shasta daisies, and mums can be rooted in the spring to transplant later in the summer. Take 3″ long cuttings from new growth, insert into a tray filled with sterile potting soil, keep moist until rooting occurs, then transplant directly into the garden.
(Leslie Warren, Toronto, Canada)

4. The best way to achieve constant color in your garden is to keep a list. Every two weeks, write down what’s blooming, or at its peak, in your community. By the end of the year you’ll have a regionally accurate plant list of what to plant for months of bloom and beauty. (Mark Finney, England)

5. After all danger of frost has passed; rejuvenate houseplants by moving them out to a shady, protected area of the garden. Sink pots into the ground to prevent them from drying out or blowing over. Water as often as needed. (Fred Bauer, Youngstown, Ohio)

6. Plant divisions are likely to fail if they become dehydrated. Try to divide plants during the coolest part of the day, preferably in the evening. Replant as soon as possible to minimize moisture loss.( James Nelson, Pittsburgh, Pa)

If you have an interesting and helpful gardening or plant tip please share it. Happy gardening all! Denise

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