Victory Garden Contest garden tips – Group Six

Here are more of the Victory Garden Contest winning gardening tips. These tips cover plants and choosing plants. Thank to all the contest participants!

1. For the most success, when choosing plants for your garden, begin by analyzing the sun, soil, and climate in your garden and then select plants suited to those conditions. (Amy Joy, England)

2. Herbs can create a wonderfully colorful and textural border. Study the plant forms, sizes, and colors to create your own border. Many will winter over and provide the base for a border each year. (Diane Reynolds, Kansas)

3. Succulents are natural choices for outdoor rooms. They look good against stone, stucco and concrete, and the reflected heat that bounces off these surfaces doesn’t bother them. (Cathie Knox, Reno Nevada)

4. If you have a small outdoor space, decorate your deck or a balcony with planter boxes of flowers and deciduous and evergreen shrubs. If you want to attract birds include bright colors. To a pass birds these plantings will resemble a ledge on a cliff. A small tree in a tub will create the effect of the mini-oasis. Offer supplemental food to keep the birds returning. (Terry Norris, Niagara Falls NY)

5. To help keep roots cool and moist in a container, use plants with trailing foliage to shade the sides of the container. (George H. Hall, Southbend, Ind,)

6. Black spot on roses is encouraged by warm, damp weather. You can fend it off by raking and removing any diseased leaves under the plants. Mulch in the spring, water early in the day, keep foliage dry, and space plants for good air flow. (Jamie Hill, Ohio)

7. Dried seeds you’ve harvested from your flowers can be planted immediately, or they can be placed in airtight, moisture-proof containers in the refrigerator for the next planting season. Just make sure they are thoroughly dried before you store them. I place the seeds on old screens for a few days to make sure they are dry. You can tell if they are dry by the color and feel. If they are at all damp they need more drying time. (Mary Albright, LA, Calif.)

8. Plant divisions are likely to fail if they become dehydrated. Try to divide plants during the coolest part of the day, preferably in the evening. Replant as soon as possible to minimize moisture loss. (Karrie Tillman, Dothan, Al.)

9. Make a nice garden area or secret garden in your yard by using a grouping of wicker furniture, a table, and even a cozy fireplace. If there are trees nearby add hanging lights to the trees. Make sure to have flowers nearby that include a few night blooming plants for a wonderful fragrance. (Deanna Wilson, Chicago Ill.)

Choosing the right plants for location, ease of care and enjoyment add to the comfort and value of you home. That’s why I like gardening. Between toe color, fragrance and add pleasure to you yard it just adds comfort. Happy gardening all, Denise

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