Victory Garden Contest Gardening tips – Group Eight

Here is the last set of the Victory Garden contest gardening tip entries. There were 8 groups in all plus the winners. I hope you have found some valuable gardening tips of the next year and encourage you to plant a victory garden. Thank you to all who participated!

1. Hang shiny objects that flap in the wind, such as aluminum pie plates or even strips of aluminum foil, to discourage birds from eating the flowers and fruit from your trees and plants. Long colorful pieces of material that will blow in the wind will also scare off birds. (David Klark, Dallas Texas)

2. To plant a shrub: Set the new plant in its hole so the root ball is at, or slightly above, soil level. To eliminate air pockets, firm the soil around the roots as you fill the hole. Water well. Add a 2 to 3″ layer of mulch and water again. (Sue Collins, Boone N.C.)

3. Prune azaleas just after blooming. Doing it any later will damage the bud formation that produces next spring’s flowers. (Sue Collins, Boone N.C.)

4. Planting trees, shrubs, vines, and flowers that appeal to birds is the most important step you can take toward creating a backyard bird haven. Adding a source of fresh, clean water is a second essential step. (Doug Hayes, Minn.)

5. Container gardening is a great solution for those who do not have a lot of gardening space or have health limitations. You can plant your containers close to the house or on a porch up high where you don’t have to bend or lift a lot. (Debra York, Vermont)

6. Rotating crops in your garden from year to year can help reduce pest problems. (Larry Ivy, Norman Park, GA.)

I have used the aluminum and cloth strips to keep birds away from plats. It works. Cloth strips that are long enough to flap in the wind will also keep deer away from trees. I have used them on my apples trees a lot.

I am also a firm believer in rotating crops. Its better for the soil and it really does help control insects and pests. It also keeps plants in the garden healthier. Happy gardening all! Denise

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