Victory Garden Contest second place winner announced

Second prize in the Victory garden contest goes to Allissa Jacobs from Toledo Ohio. Allissa has been a gardener for 6 years and prefers organic gardening and using raised beds. She credits her Grandfather for her interest in gardening.

Allissa sent in two tips that she feels go together. Natural fertilizers and organic materials keep the soil and plants healthy and birds thrive on organic gardening without chemicals that can harm the birds. The birds pick any of the remaining insects keeping her garden pest and chemical free.

Allissa’s Victory garden tip:

Natural fertilizers, compost and organic materials encourage earthworms. Earthworms are nature’s soil conditioners. They leave behind castings (fertilizer) that are very rich and they also aerate the soil so roots of plants will breath better.

Birds also have helpful garden benefits and eat many of the bad bugs. By not using chemical sprays you will help the birds to stay healthy and pick off the bad bugs from your gardens

Allissa receives 10 packets of seeds for her garden and a 1944 Victory Garden pamphlet filled with gardening tips, recipes how to plant a Victory garden.

I would like to thank Sue Neitzel for judging the Victory garden contest. I met Sue through gardening and our interest in herbs and foraging for wild food and herbs. Sue lives in West Plains, Mo., and describes herself as a Web writer, Wife, Mother, Grandma, Gardener, Crafter, Friend to Mother Earth and a Woman of Faith. I describe her as a great friend and an inspiration.  Thank you Sue!!

Check out Sue’s blog:
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Thanks again to all the people who entered the contest. Plant a Victory garden or a Row for the Poor this year. All Victory Garden participants also all get a copy of the winning garden tips. Watch your email! Denise

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