Victory Garden Plan – The Patriotic Garden

There are many gardens based on the ideas of a victory garden, which is raising your own food in whatever space it may be. Even if that means growing on a patio or strip of grass near you garage. Learning about better nutrition, enjoying the outdoors and giving back to the environment with proper organic growing principles is one of the principles of victory gardens.

The ideas of planting a row for the hungry and community gardens also fit in the Victory garden principles.

A simple garden that is encouraged, particularly in schools to encourage children to learn about the environment, nutrition and how to grow crops is a red white and blue Patriotic garden plan.

The idea is to plant a patriotic garden and give the food to your local food bank. There are many areas in America that desperately need additional food to help the hungry.


red, white and blue potatoes
red, white and blue corn
strawberries, blueberries and white peaches
red tomatoes, white corn, blue squash
red beans, white onions, blue corn
watermelon, white grapes, borage

  • Potatoes were a staple of the original Victory gardens and people were encouraged to grow as many as possible. One reason was the nutritional value and many uses of the potato and another reason was they were easy to store in the winter.
  • Corn is also a staple and can be frozen or dried for many different uses. Strawberries, blueberries and peaches can all be canned, dried or frozen and their nutritional value adds to any diet.
  • Red tomatoes, white corn and blue squash add to any diet. Combine this garden with the red white and blue potatoes for interest and variety. 

I grew the red beans, white onions blue corn along with watermelon, white grapes and borage as a small food bank garden. It had an interesting look and I added garden art and a few flower for fun and interest. My local food bank appreciated the donations and because of the size of the garden it took very little time to maintain.

These mini gardens can be grown in groups of three as listed or mixed. They can be “assigned” to schools as projects or businesses to promote community pride and health program in their business.

Victory gardens and community gardens are again picking up in interest and their history both here in America and the rest of the world cover a large time span.

Head over to and sign up for the Victory Garden contest and Community Garden Contest where you can possible win a “garden.” Check out the rules and enter!

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