Warren Counties first snow arrives. A time to reflect.

I have to admit summer and fall are my favorite seasons but winter offers a peace and makes me appreciate my surroundings.

I woke to find the first snow this morning. First Snow
Creative Commons License photo credit: mcthebest

We had a few teasing snowflakes one week ago but it lasted a mere 29 minutes and the sun came out. This morning it snowed until the ground was covered. I sat with a cup of warm coffee watching the snowflakes dance on the wind and appreciated the fact I was in a warm house.  My plans for the day changed with cold weather and I spent the morning bracing myself for a cold windy trip to town and cleaning off the car for the first time this winter season.

As I prepared to head downtown I would look outside and watch the snow cling to the trees and the few leaves that were left clinging to the trees. The white snow emphasized the reds and yellows and stood out against the dark foreboding skyline.

It snowed the better part of the morning and afternoon and we actually accumulated three to four inches of snow. As soon as the sun came out around 3 p.m. the snow melted but the reminder that the gardening season is over and its time to bundle up against the cold remained.First Snow
Creative Commons License photo credit: mcthebest

One my drive home from town I had the opportunity to see the last remaining colored leaves reflecting brightly in the waters of the Conewango Creek. This reminded me that cooler days are ahead but its perfect weather for relaxing days and staying in the house and creating artwork or planning next springs gardens.

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