Water Lotus Plant: How to start Lotus from seed

I have always enjoyed growing the unusual. I try while doing this not to bring in invasive plants to my area so will research a plant first to see if there is a problem growing the plant in my zone 5 growing zone. One plant that had always caught my attention was the Water Lotus Plant. 111
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The Water Lotus Plant has an exotic look to it that I find appealing. I also liked the dried seedpod that is produces at the end of a season

My zone is moderate in success for this plant. It likes a climate that is a little warmer, but it will grow here with a little care. My plan was to grow this water plant in my one pond, in a double pot, then bring it in during the winter. There’s a possibility that it would survive in the right micro garden here but why take the risk?

My one friend had seeds and I thought that I should try to grow this beautiful plant. My friend sent me seeds and I started them indoors in late March.

Lotus seeds have a thick seed covering so they needed to be scarified. To scarify a seed cover you gently saw or sand the seed until you see the inside living part of the seed. I sanded my seeds for better control of removing the cover and then soaked the seeds for a few days. When I saw signs of it germinating I potted the seedlings into pots with regular garden dirt, which is high in clay in my area, and covered with a few inches of water.

Much to my amazement the seeds did well and in the spring I replanted them outdoors in double pots so that they could be brought in for the winter months. I still have one plant; I gave the other ones away. They are fun to grow and add to a water garden area.

I would like to add another one to my backyard oasis I am planning this summer. It’s time for a total backyard overhaul.And what better way to add to your yard than with fun plants that have a tropical look and feel. Lilies
Creative Commons License photo credit: milena mihaylova

Below are links from www.faculty.sbc.edu that give you information and photos of the germination process they used for lotus seeds.

Lotus Seed Germination

Lotus Seedling Development

Graduation Day!

Transplanting Lotus

First Summer’s Growth

First Flower

A Year Later

Happy gardening! Denise at The Gardener’s Rake

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