What is your favorite seed?

Do you have a favorite seed that you like to grow?

Unfortunately I have too many favorites but I always like any tomato seeds and hot pepper seeds. The ornamental pepper plants are beautiful and make great indoor plants.

I prefer heirloom seeds to hybrid seeds. I like the older variety of vegetables and flowers and feel heirloom seeds are better for the environment. But I do understand why some people prefer hybrid seeds.

I like the Malabar spinach because it’s edible and beautiful. It makes a great patio or balcony plant. Being a warm climate plant I start this seed indoors.

The rattail radish makes a great ornamental plant and keeps squash bugs out of the garden. The radishes grow skinny and long – like a bean. It also grows on the plant instead of in the ground. The radish is ok for eating if you use it when its small, but I really like using the seeds for a ground mustard. This radish is a bit warm to the taste.

And I like any and all gourd seeds. Gourds are fascinating to grow, cure and decorate. It’s a plant that adds variety and interest to the garden areas.

I guess that’s why I like different seeds. It add fun to the garden while you are waiting to see what the plant looks like and if it’s really as interesting as it sounded on the seed packet or in the garden catalog.

If you haven’t ordered you seeds yet for your gardens, do it now so that you will get the seeds you want.

And here is a link for free seeds – Free seeds. I use the “grow a row for the poor” seed offer every year. The seeds grow well and its for a good case.

So what’s your favorite seed?

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  1. Kochsgarden.com

    I would have to say my Jalapeno’s and roma tomatoes. Those are my fav.

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