When to Bring your Indoor Plants back Indoors

There’s been a small barely noticeable shift in the weather in my zone 5 climate. But its enough of a change to make me realize I need to start bringing any indoor plants back inside at night.

I enjoy putting the plants outside during the summer. They grow better and look great mixed in with the annual flowers.

Even a small shift in nighttime temperatures will affect an indoor plant and will make adjusting to the indoor climate more difficult in September and October. The problem may be as simple as looking a little sad or as severe as going into a dormant stage.

So take the time to move your indoor plants onto a patio for protection against cool winds or move them into a room with good sunlight like an enclosed porch.

This is also a good time to take cuttings of your favorite plants and start them for new indoor plants.

I use a mix of sand to start the plants and as soon as they have two new leaves I move them to regular soil.

It took me a few years to realize I waited too long to bring my plants in and that it affected their health and growing. Now I set a date to start bringing in the plants and stick to it no matter what the weather looks like.

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2 responses to “When to Bring your Indoor Plants back Indoors”

  1. Bonnie

    How do I bug proof my plants when I bring them back into the house for winter months

  2. Denise

    Check them over fro bugs before you bring them in. I wash the leaves when I bring them in and check the top layer of the soil.

    If you feel they might be infected us a mixture of 2 drops liquid dish soap in one quart of water and spritz the plan with the mix. It will get rid of most insects.

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