Win free seeds at The Gardener’s Rake garden contest.

With the trend towards “going green”, recession or victory gardens and the economy The Gardeners Rake will be doing its part to encourage gardening with a Win Free Seed’s contest. Whether you are a new gardener or a seasoned gardener come join in the fun.

There are three contests.

1.    Write a mini story on a gardening experience. No, it does not need to be long. This story could be a gardening tip that saves time or money, a humorous event while gardening, or just why you garden. You can send your story to me via the contact page or post it in the garden forum that will be opening in a few days. The winner of this contest will receive 10 seed packets and directions for a mini recession garden.
2.    Best gardening tip: Enter your best gardening tip and win 5 packets of seeds and a garden plan for a small raised bed garden. This plan is perfect for a patio or balcony garden. There will be two winners.
3.    Best natural control for insects. Send a recipe for natural control of insects. The winner receives a booklet of insect identification.

And everyone receives something for entering. But that’s a surprise. It’s a lot like a garden you plant the seeds and wait to see what happens.

************** Rules: ***************

If you live overseas I may have to send something other than seeds depending on the country.

Legitimate entries only. No spamming, business ventures, etc.

Send your entry to me via the contact page on the site. Or you can use the comment section on the post.

The contest will run two weeks. It begins on Ground Hogs Day, February 2nd 2010  and will end February 15th 2010.

Check out my garden section on free seeds and plants and Recession Gardening.

Good luck and have fun. Denise

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6 responses to “Win free seeds at The Gardener’s Rake garden contest.”

  1. Joel

    The best moment gardening was when my two kids were 2 and 3. They hid under the pumpkin patch that the 3 yr old planted. She was so proud the leaves were so big. Her and her brother loved crawling under them and hiding from Daddy. Word of advices. Look for the pumpkins… they always hid near them!

  2. Win 10 packets of gardens seeds. | Chautauqua Gardens | Chautauqua

    […] growing a garden in containers or on a patio area, stop by the Gardener’s Rake and enter the Free Garden seeds […]

  3. I couldn’t figure out where the “contact page” is, so here ya go.

    My latest endeavor in the garden is trying to deal with my raised garden bed. I bought a house that had been abandoned for about a year. The garden was wild and weedy, but came with lots of potential. It included a raised bed that was wildly overgrown. Now, in my attempts to prepare it for vegetable gardening, I have covered it in plastic in hopes of killing the remnants of weed seeds. We’ll see how it goes!

    .-= nfmgirl´s last blog ..A Day at Artfest 2010 (and other stuff) =-.

  4. Kitty

    In addition to the regular garden, we do some container gardening. I go to the bakery dept of the local grocery store. They giveaway large plastic buckets that frosting or icing comes in and they r the perfect size for veggie containers. If u r worried that white plastic buckets will look unsightly, u can paint them a brick or dark green color. I painted a few buckets with leftover brown paint about 4 years ago and the paint is still nice.

    NB after u clean out the frosting buckets u may not want to buy store bought baked goods again!

  5. My mini story…

    I started gardening after I successfully kept a houseplant name Tarzan alive. Tarzan now lives in front of a big picture window with 15 other indoor plants in my living room.

    Two years ago I delved into the world of container gardening, amazed that things like tomatoes could grow in a pot, rather than the spacious rows of my childhood. It was exciting to begin growing my own food! Last year my partner and I built 2 raised beds in the small “yard” in front of our townhouse apartment to attempt the square foot gardening method. The method is great, but the lighting is poor because of the location of the building an two large trees.

    I have recently been hired to help establish a community food program that is developing gardens in several Virginia counties to donate food to local pantries. These locations get great light and I look forward to establishing gardens in communities that are experiencing food insecurity.

    My newest personal exploration in the world of gardening has to do with composting. An avid reuser and recycler, I hate throwing things away! Unfortunately our rental agency isn’t too keen on compost bins or piles loaded around the communal yard–SO I’m trying the burial method. I dig down deep into our raised beds (now full of worms) and plant the kitchen scraps. So far so good, but we do have lots of kitchen scraps…

    My life and experience in the garden has taught me that new discoveries are always on the horizon and there’s always more to learn. I love the miracle of watching a seed sprout and eventually feed multitudes.

    My gardening story is one of joy!

  6. Nikki

    2. My best gardening tip

    I learned this from a man I often pick strawberries for — if u get a late spring frost — water all your plants as day breaks(get them good n wet) then let them dry in the morning sun — it really works too

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