Windowsill Gardening with Cuttings.

Windowsill gardens are a way to bring outdoor plants in during the winter and be able enjoy the plants and color.

One of the easiest and different way to bring in plants is by starting clippings. If you have plants that root easily you can bring in small sections and place them in water.

Most fleshy plants and the new growth or plants will root quite easily in water. A few plants that root easily are begonias, basils, coleus, and wandering jew to mention a few. Herbs are easy to root and fun. They have the advantage of being useful in the kitchen too.

Tomatillos and tomatoes also root easily and this is a great way to have a head start for transplants for next years garden.

Choose a sunny window to set the cuttings in. I like to find unique vases, bottles or any container that is glass and transparent. The reason I like the containers being transparent is that when the sun hits the bottles or glass the colors glow and it creates such a beautiful image. I usually choose different sizes too so that I really get an artistic look. It just adds interest and color to windowsill gardens.

Cuttings will usually root in five to seven days. Change the water regularly to prevent stagnant water.  Once the cutting have rooted and the roots have a nice root system, pot them into clean pots and use a sterilized pre-mixed potting soil.

When transplanting the plant, carefully place the soil around the new roots so that you do not damage them.  Lightly press the soil into place and water the newly potted plant.

I place plastic over the plant for a few weeks until I feel the plant has adjusted to its new home. This makes a mini greenhouse effect for the plant and helps it adjust faster.

Growing plant cuttings and starting seeds on windowsill is easy and adds color to your home.

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