Your favorite indoor plant?

I’m trying something different here at

The Gardeners Rake.

You see its snowing out and its way too cold (7 degrees) and I would rather be out playing in garden dirt. So, I’ll have to play with my indoor plants instead.

So tell me what your favorite indoor plant is and ask a question if you have one. Or tell me about your favorite plant.

Here’s a tip my neighbor gave me about African Violets. They grow best in a window with northern lighting. My neighbor, Irma, always had the most amazing African Violets and it was a plant I struggled to grow.

So I switched my plants to a window in the north and the plants recovered and were beautiful.

Send me a comment, story or a question about indoor plants and lets see where it leads.

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3 responses to “Your favorite indoor plant?”

  1. Laurel

    You can’t beat the breathtaking beauty of a Hoya for an indoor plant… *IF* you can get them to bloom! I now live in Florida and grow Hoyas outside. I had to bring them in the house last week because we are in the middle of a dreadful cold snap: 42F for our HIGH yesterday.

  2. Denise

    I will have to look up more on the HOYA. I’m not that familiar with the variety.

    You have really had a cold snap this last week. I know many people that have lost plants to frost damage.

    Thanks for the input Laurel, Denise

  3. Jeff

    Well, I do love African Violets, but you can’t beat their cousins, the Gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa). I love the velvety look of the blooms which are spectacularly large. They need only a bit more light than the African Violets and are relatively easy once one “gets the hang of it!”

    [ Jeff ]
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