Your gardening style

I was wondering what style of gardening you use?

This year with my busy summer its all container gardening, straw bale gardening, or a raised bed mulch garden. I need a no fuss – no weeding garden this year.

I also have heard my summer will be cool so I plan to grow under glass in a greenhouse this summer. With raised beds for my other garden areas I can also cover them if the nights are cool.

But you may be asking, “What garden styles are there and what are their advantages?”

Garden styles

Lasagna Gardening

This is a easy garden style if you do not have a way to till your garden or your soil is in need or nutrients. In my clay soil, Lasagna gardening is perfect.

Raised beds

Using this method you can make a garden bed higher to use back strain, create a better garden bed for growing and keep some of the smaller garden trespassers, like rabbits, out of you garden. You can also cover this type of garden easier to protect crops from insects, sun or cold.

Small space garden

Create a garden in a small space or corner of your yard or patio by utilizing every inch of space. Vertical gardening will also make better use of small spaces.

Indoor gardening

This could include greenhouses, sun rooms or any indoor room that has adequate lighting.

Combination gardening

Creating a garden that combines vegetables and flowers will save on space, add color to your landscape and also create a beneficial planting area for your crops. Many vegetable and flowers help each other out with insect control.

Experience in gardening, sharing information with fellow gardeners and your environment will help you determine what style of gardening will work best for you.

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